Sintered Bronze Filters

Sintered Bronze Filters

Filtration technology using sintered bronze filter media is a boon to the worldwide based industries due to its excellent filtration characteristics.

At MMHPPL Sintered bronze filters are manufactured from spherical bronze granules by using appropriate sintering technique in controlled environment, at suitable temperatures producing uniformly-sized pore filter elements. High strength results from the strong granule bonding produced by sintering process.

At MMHPPL we have the latest Design Facility using CAD facility utilized for the designing of tooling elements. Our manufacturing process is backed by an in-house tool room which is capable of designing all types of die tools required for our manufacturing.

Few Distinguishing Characteristics
  • CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Cu – 89- 91 % , Sn – 11%
  • POROSITY BY VOLUME : 35 – 50 %
  • DENSITY : 4.5 – 6.5 gm/cc

On of the important features of S.B. Elements are that it can Custom made in any desired shape and size by giving following details:-

  • Type of application / Media
  • Level of filtration
  • Desired Flow Rate
  • Maximum allowable pressure difference across the filter
  • The geometry of the filter element
  • Stability of shape, e.g. self-carrying structures even at high pressures
  • Good mechanical strength under permanent loads, or under pressure peaks
  • High quality filtration due to equal size granules
  • Reverse flow, Metaklenz cleaning solution can be used for easy cleaning
  • Resistance to Corrosion as it is metallic
  • Resistance to Vibrations
  • Removes moisture & oil droplets & pipe scales
  • Ability to be fabricated in desired shapes and sizes viz. Hollow Cylinder, Discs, Plates and blind end cones
  • Can be used in High Temperature applications
  • Resistance to impact as it is processed at 800 to 900 degree centigrade
  • Can be Machined, Soldered & Welded
Confirming to
  • For Raw Materials:- As per IS 5461-1984, IS 4027-1987, IS7613-1975.IS 10035-1993
  • For Final Product:- As per IS 13782:1993, IS 13781-1993, IS 7613-1975, IS 4841-1982